wind turbines

Guthrie County REC’s Green Pricing Program allows members to support the development of renewable energy projects with voluntary contributions to a fund. All the money collected from members will be used for the development of alternate energy production facilities in Iowa. These alternate energy production facilities may include wind energy, biomass, solar and other nontraditional generation technologies.

With this program, members do not directly purchase alternate energy, but instead contributions are set aside for the development of these resources. These contributions may be retained until a sufficient level is available to pursue a particular development project, make a grant to another entity pursuing alternate energy development in Iowa, or arrange for purchases from alternate energy production facilities.  

A one-time contribution or a monthly pledge that is automatically added onto the monthly electric bill is rounded up. The alternate energy purchase program sign-up form must be completed and mailed to:
        Guthrie County REC
        1406 State Street
        P.O. Box 7
        Guthrie Center, IA  50115

If questions, please call the office at (641) 747-2206 or (888) 747-2206.