How to Vote in Guthrie County REC Elections

Guthrie County REC is divided into nine service districts with one director representing each district. Board members reside in the district they represent. Each director serves a three-year term. Elections are held every year in January at our Annual Meeting of members.

A nominating committee is selected and published in the cooperative newsletter every September with the names of three committee members who reside in each district up for reelection. The committee members create a slate of candidates, new and incumbents, to run for the open board seats. All members in the respective districts receive an official ballot via mail listing the individuals running for that seat. Each member has one vote for the district in which they reside. Members are sent notice via mail of annual meeting and election information. All voting is done by mail or in person at the cooperative’s annual meeting held in January.

How to Run for the Guthrie County REC Board

If you are interested in running for the Guthrie County REC Board of Directors, please contact your nominating committee members when your district is open for nominations. You may also contact the cooperative at (888) 747-2206. All directors and candidates must reside in the district they represent.