We're Here for YOU!

At Guthrie County REC, our mission is to provide you with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity, but also with community support and programs that can save you energy and money. We care about our members’ quality of life, which is why our employees - your friends and neighbors - are continuously finding innovative ways to improve your service. From our office staff to our lineworkers, we are here for you at Guthrie County REC. 


Front Row

Jeremy Gruber, Journeyman Lineman

Lori Hix, Office Manager

Jalen Spack, Line Crew Foreman

Jordan Terwilliger, Journeyman Lineman

Rebecca Schwartz, Communications Clerk

Josh Oltmann, Journeyman Lineman

Back Row

Curt Knapp, Line Superintendent

Brian Marso, Journeyman Lineman

Larry Newbrough, Journeyman Lineman

Todd Tinken, Journeyman Lineman

Keith Hise, Journeyman Lineman


On Truck

Cozy Nelsen, CEO

Dea Kress, Billing Clerk

Marlene Chalfant, Member Service Clerk

Not Pictured

Bailey Benton, Apprentice Lineman

Jeff Eagle, Apprentice Linemen