MIB conference

Cooperatives operate for you, our members, holding true to the seven cooperative principles. One of these principles is Education, Training and Information. Guthrie County REC is your trusted energy advisor continuing to explore and support local contractors to assist the membership and enhance the quality of life while offering energy efficient incentive programs to help you save energy and money in your homes. 

A partnership with Resource Refinery and certified instructor John von Harz, allows for local contractors to receive certifications and installation training on energy-efficient solutions for your home. Tailored for HVAC contractors participating in Iowa REC and Municipal Utility incentive programs, session topics include an overview of high-performing HVAC, electric heat and heat pumps, and installed and operating heat pump performance.

Local contractor completing this training:

Exira Plumbing, Heating & Electrical
Ryan Wilson
112 Factory Street
Exira, IA  50076
Phone: (712) 268-5367