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Where Your Power Comes From

Guthrie County REC receives power from Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO). In operation since 1946, CIPCO is Iowa's largest cooperative energy provider and generates and transmits electricity to 13 member-owned electric cooperatives and associations. These cooperatives distribute the power to nearly 300,000 member-owners located in 58 of Iowa's 99 counties.

Map of CIPCO generation facilities

Map legend of CIPCO generation facilities

Graph showing sources of energy portfolio from CIPCO


As a state-of-the-art energy provider, CIPCO's balanced portfolio is comprised of a diverse fuel mix including coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, landfill gas generation, natural gas, and oil energy resources. More than 60% of the electricity generated is emission and carbon-free. To learn more about CIPCO go to this link.





























All or some of the renewable energy credits associated with this generation may have been sold or may be sold in the future, to other parties, or may be used to comply with future regulatory requirements.



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